Wednesday, January 30

Absolutely random

Be prepared to be blown away by all the updates I have for you. I'm not even sure who reads this blog anymore and anyone at all reads this blog now. But I always remember my husband telling me before, he will read my blog after I die, I hope its not too late then. So please,, wait for another 50 years at least before deciding to terminate my blog for good. It's my life, literally!

Picking up from where I last left.. I was talking about risotto, absolutely random and has no point in life whatsoever, I think I return as a more mature person and knowing what is REALLY important in life these days. Let's start with the most important thing.

1. I'm a mother of 2 and I just had a baby, and her name is Laura. It's been 8 months and baby Laura has been such a joy to us. I can't wait to start blogging about my girls as there are so much to talk about.

2. We moved into our very own home from where we rented in the city, to a much farther place from hubby's place of work. We have been living here since early 2010.

3. There has been a death in my family in 2012, my beloved second aunty who looked after me when I was a baby and she's still sorely missed.

I guess these have been the major events since my hiatus. Above are the reason why I have been so pre-occupied with life. Will blog more!

I'm back

I'm home!!! Woah.. what a mess this place is, where are some of my pictures? I think I need to do some serious cleaning up before starting to blog again.

Took me a while to get back my password and my blog.. I really need to tidy this blog up a little.. hopefully won't take me long to return again.

Sunday, August 2


We had mussels yesterday and there were much leftover gravy, which is packed full of flavour and hubby thought of making a dish out of it. The only dish he could think of was risotto. I've never tried risotto before simply because any rice of sorts other than Jasmine Rice, would taste, funny, I guess.

Anyway, it turned out not bad. The gravy from mussels was what made the whole dish impeccable. I've opened up my taste bud to a whole new dish, yet again. Oh and this time, I made sure I took a photo of it and the banana bread, from yesterday.

Saturday, August 1

Twas a good day!

We've been such lazy people for the last few months. We wake up early (not as early as most people) to go to work on weekdays and come home when the sun sets. Everyday's a long day for us, so Saturday is a day where we'll just take the golden opportunity to sleep in. The time that we wake up really varies every week; on a not so tiring week, 9 am and on a superbly stressed week, we'll wake up at 12 just on time for lunch! Guess we are not so grown-up afterall since grownups normally don't sleep till that late.

The culprits, other than work to these sleep-ins are, of course (it's not entirely our fault that we are lazy):
1. We've got the best bed on earth; latex bed!
2. We know there won't be anymore chance to sleep in once baby arrives, so we are trying to sleep as MUCH as we can now!

Anyway, a new colleague of mine recently told me about this grower's market at Pyrmont which he and his housemate go to every month. It's held every first Saturday of the month and it's probably the best organic and local producer markets in Sydney, of course not to mention it's just a stroll away from Darling Harbour, a superb and beautiful location.

It got me interested as I was wanting to check out on some plants to put on our balcony. So, I suggested to hubby to come along with me, since I hate going to these places on my own. At first, he was pretty reluctant because it means only one thing, he has to forgo his beauty Saturday sleep and wake up probably earlier than normal days in order to get a parking spot. But thank God for bank holiday this Monday, so in the end he cheerfully agreed.

It was a beautiful morning, and the market was absolutely unlike any asian markets. They are 'civilized' and 'clean' and 'peaceful'. There's a water bay just beside the market and it was an enjoyable morning. We had latte and pretty much our breakfast there too by sampling on all the food on display.

My only regret was, I forgot my camera. I could have taken some photos but my placental head is taking a toll on me now. I am going through pregnancy ie a scatty period now. So, blame it on the baby.

We bought some strawberry and fig jam, which was absolutely lovely and a kg of fresh mussels for dinner. Hubby cooked mussels provencale pasta and it was absolutely excellent that I had to write down the recipe. Again, my scatty brain forgot to take pictures of the mussels.

Then I attempted my banana bread, the second time since the first turned out, well... not sweet, not soft, not moist... basically it was a flop. And after some research, I managed to find out about the secret recipe on baking a soft and moist banana bread -----> apparently, it's sour cream!

Hubby was a a little apprehensive on using sour cream, cuz somehow he couldn't really imagine how the taste would be and how sour cream helps. Oh well, no harm trying I thought.

After an hour or so of baking, voila, it turned out to be probably the best banana bread we've had, so I quote hubby! Will try to take a photo tomorrow when we have it for tea.

Hah, all in all, it was a good cook day for us. Finally a Saturday went by unwasted except it was a litle tarnished by the movie we watched after dinner; Burn After Reading. I am still flabbergasted with that movie. Watch it if you want, and you'll know what I mean.

Oaahhh..... another early morning tomorrow for church, I'm sooooo not a morning person.

Sunday, July 19

Nothing much lately

There's nothing much happening in my life lately, apart from the pregnancy stories in my other blog. Work's been usual but I've been more and more incompetent because of my current state. Also because we have new staffs to train, so thank God, I am not needed to do most of the work, I just basically train them and let them do the job! I'm basically taking it easy at work.

However, I'm in a dilemma whether to resign when baby comes. The good thing about Australia is, you get to keep your job for a year although in NSW, you don't get paid maternity leave. But I suppose the baby bonus (about AUD5K) we get for each baby is better than nothing. I cant wait for 2011 when the government will implement paid maternity leave for up to 18 weeks.

Anyway, it's true, nothing much happening although I must blog about my neighbour, Suh who never fails to bring us food whenever we hope for a miracle meal. She's truly like an angel to us. So, we are more than happy to return the favour to her by making food we knew best. The latest being Andrew's famous tiramisu! =) Sorry, no picture this time but just imagine it to be one of the best tiramisu you'll ever taste! =)

In an unrelated matter, I really loathe Sydney's property market, perhaps not just Sydney but everywhere, Sydney being the top 10 most expensive city to live in the world. The housing property has soared sky-high, making it tough for the younger generations to own a property. All because of GREED! All because people want to make money out of properties. In just the last 10 years, properties have doubled, but has our pay doubled?? Well, one can easily do the maths. It's ridiculous, how do they expect the youngters to own a house these days? Oh well, what can we do?